Ten Until Midnight

Ten Until MidnightAlex Kirby
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I like a quick dance on Friday night

I like a slow dance too

You spin and whirl me around the room

There’s no space between me and you

But I’ve got to be back by ten

My Dad thinks naughty things happen after then

Don’t waste a moment dear, we’ll do it right here

If love is right then right cannot be wrong


Oh Earl you call me a princess

And Earl, I call you duke

But I absolve any claim to be the Coal Queen

Because I’ll leave with you

When this war’s over and Hitler is done

We’ll book St Giles so two become one

We’ll sign it right here in the church book, dear

A testimony that our love is real


And when our lips met there behind the flour mill wall

And you checked your watch to see if we’d done wrong

One day we’ll do the same beneath the midnight moon

When our love moves a thousand miles along


Now I’m not afraid to move away

I’ve done it once before

Left the fields of Cheshire

To move in by the colliery store

Your Bobby Healey brought my dad to dig the coal

And on a Saturday they play in goal

We pulled up our roots, dear, and placed them right here

It’s funny how some things grow

Tell me again about your  farm that fills the valley

And the stream full of black-eyed trout

How to rope and steer the cows

And the snakes that I could do without

As we walk along the River Maun

To the beech tree with the lovers on

You say ‘I’ll take out my knife, dear, I’ll carve it right here

My testimony on Lover’s Tree


Give us some gum chum is how we got to talking

I was glad to find that you’d run out

You said you’d have some Thursday but I’d be out in Tuxford


The Land Army couldn’t do without

So that left Friday at the Thoresby Hall

My head grew dizzy just waiting for that Ball

I said I’ll put up my head here and promise right here

I’ll meet you there at half past eight