Cage Door

an introduction from Andy

My brother was out with the farmer 

They were looking for partridge to shoot

‘Stand back, stand back’ says farmer 

and that’s how it all came about 

won’t somebody send for the doctor? 

he’s bleeding so much from the wound

he said ‘a baby may ease your terrible grief’

and that’s how young Henry was born


And the wheels on the headstock are turning 

and it always will be that way

but one day the cage doors will open

and show us the light of the day 


Young Henry was down on the day shift 

said he’s glad to be out of the rain 

and as he was laughing he turned and he stumbled

fell under the wheels of a train

no need, no need for the doctor

you could tell from the blood and the bone 

but someone will need to tell mother 

that Henry will never be home 


And Margaret was killed by the cancer

and Helen was killed by a stroke

we haven’t seen Mary for forty odd years

since she left with that Birmingham bloke

and Peter was killed in Korea

and Anthony died of old age

I’m the last of my whole generation

and on we go, page after page

The Cage Doors Andy Victor