(we are a non profit organisation and any monies generated goes directly back into the studio enabling us to offer free sessions to individuals to record and share music, film and photography for by people who know what it’s like to live struggling with social inclusion, are in a minority, and those who are suffering with mental health issues, and learning or physical disabilities)

Musician's Recording Experience

The Musician's Recording Experience is a great opportunity to produce professional recordings of you playing your chosen instrument/s. You will be able to work with an experienced studio engineer and producer in a professional recording studio. With the Musician’s Experience you can work on your own original compositions, classic covers or perform to a backing track.


It’s a great chance to create a demo or can be the perfect gift for an aspiring musician from beginner to professional, young or old.


What happens on the day

When you arrive at the studio, a friendly, experienced and qualified producer and studio engineer will give you a tour of the studio and explain how the recording session will work.

You will then have the opportunity to discuss with the producer what kind of, ‘sound’ you want for your songs. When you’re happy with the set up you will go into the Live Room and start recording!

Once your songs have been recorded, you can then work with the engineer at the mixing desk and polish your song by adding different audio effects, which will add that professional sparkle. The songs will then be mixed, produced and mastered and you will be given a CD of your songs to take home.


Additional Options

If you want to further perfect your sound after the recording session has ended, the engineer can continue to work on your songs. The finished recording can then be sent to you in a format of your choice. (Additional fees will apply) If you have other musicians you want to be included on your songs, or would like us to provide additional musicians, please contact us by email or phone to arrange this. (Additional fees may apply)


There are two Musician's Recording Experiences to choose from:


Gold Musician's Recording Experience £100

This Recording Studio Experience is for 4 hours, where you can record as many songs that time allows. You can focus on perfecting a few songs or use it as an opportunity to record a larger selection of your chosen songs.

Platinum Musicians' Recording Experience £199

This Recording Studio Experience is for 8 hours, where you can record whatever you require. With the luxury of more time in the studio, you can do things such as focus on specific sections of your performance and do in-depth audio editing so that your very best performances are chosen.