The Miner's Wife

an introduction from Andy

I was born in East Kentucky 

And in 1943 

The army in their wisdom 

shipped me over seas 


And there I was in England

In the company of strangers 

Far away from the fighting

but still I was in danger 


She was a miner’s daughter

And she lived a mining life 

But she never would be satisfied 

Being a miner’s wife


And she came along the causeway

And her eyes were full of fun

And the first words that she spoke to me

Were ’have you got some gum, chum’


That was all of sixty years

When she was a fine young thing

Her father he had other ideas

This scar’s from his sovereign ring

They shipped us home in 1945

We were causing quite a stir

There’s me with me fancy English wife

From Ollerton, Nottinghamshire


She left me with the baby

Once the crying had begun

She’s gone to Colorado

Where she was living with a rich man’s son

10. A Miner's WifeAndy Victor
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