The Worst School Punishment

an introduction from Maureen

The Worst School Punishment

The teachers at school they're as strict as can be

I try to behave so they won't notice me

for if you should give any cause to annoy

the teacher will make you sit next to a boy


Detain me or cane me, take my favourite toy

but please Miss, don't make me sit next to a boy


I work with a will, I am so very good

sit perfectly still like all good children should

if you dare to speak then its hands on your head

or sit in disgrace in the corner instead


We copy the blackboard with chalk and with slate

our teeth set on edge by the noise that they make

while writing a story or doing my sums

that screeching can make me all fingers and thumbs


I'm learning to write now with ink and with pen

I'm blotting my copybook time and again

I'm scared that the teacher will single me out

in front of the class she might whack me or shout


At the end of the week we must polish our desk

and fill the inkwell without making a mess

I must bring my polish and dusters that day

or I know I'll be punished in some dreadful way


Maybe when I'm older, I might change my mind

walk out with a boy when the weather is fine

go off to the pictures, or maybe a dance

till then I'll make sure I don't give them a glance


Detain me or cane me, take my favourite toy

but I won't sit next to a dirty and rude little boy.