At Superbee Community Studio we provide tailored programmes for individuals and groups, working in partnership with education providers, arts organisations and others, to ensure we meet our participants’ needs, focusing firmly on nurturing and developing creative ability, exploring, testing and using technology in imaginative and innovative ways to create and extend access to music.


Accessible to everyone! 

We use Logic ProX software, which allows users to quickly and easily create music, original recordings, podcasts or video soundtracks. Logic ProX is very simple and uses music loops to create from scratch, pieces of music which can be added to via microphones incorporating vocals/singing or samples of audio and then visually, exploring soundwaves. By using assistive technology the participant can easily use the software with support thus making the sessions accessible and educational in using technology and basic computer skills. Logic ProX is particularly visual and uses pictures as well as audio visuals so when projected onto a wall becomes extremely engaging (Superbee has a large cinema screen installed for accessibility)

Examples of sessions:

  • Creating a first song /piece of music using the loop browser (inc DJ skills)

  • Recording with industry standard software

  • Investigate and explore sound, experiment with different combinations to represent contrasting moods and effects

  • Creating and designing - Create sound pictures which convey mood and atmosphere

  • Music to film, the difference it makes

  • Create your own ringtone

  • Audio and midi editing

  • Introduction to podcasting



Using computers, learning techniques/skills in media, expressing feelings, thoughts, and solutions through music, building confidence and communication skills.