For around fifteen years, Shirley Novak and Andrew Banfield have facilitated various music based sessions using music technology, film and photography to help communicate and express feelings through the timeless medium of creative therapies. 


Together they have devised and delivered sessions to adults and young people with learning disabilities, mental health problems and physical disabilities making clear and accessible pathways for anyone with an interest in music to access it on their own terms and in their own way. Now Shirley and Andrew have formalised this partnership and expanded and develped Superbee Community Studio

Shirley Novak: Facilitator/Director

Shirley is completely inclusive, and for many years has worked with people with disabilities, children on the autistic spectrum, people in rehabilitation through injury, disadvantaged groups people struggling with their mental health, and children with SEN to create music and communicate in an accessible way.

Andrew Banfield: Facilitator/Director

Andrew has been in and around music all his life, and is the owner of Superfly Studios in Ollerton. For the last 10 years Andrew has worked hard at making music making accessible to everyone, in a professional studio setting. 

Superbee Community Studio demonstrates flexibility, belief, imagination, partnership and connection, believing in the power of creative media (music, photography and film) to transform lives believing that everyone should have the chance to express themselves in this way.