Superbee Community Studio CiC works with young people and adults of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities from marginalised communities across the UK, with a particular focus across the East Midlands. We work with individuals and groups who struggle with social inclusion, are in a minority, and those who are suffering with mental health issues, learning or physical disabilities, local Schools, youth centres, and the elderly. 


Our work is based on inclusion and participation, recognising participation as a cluster of values that include active and meaningful engagement, control, access, opportunity, responsibilities, impact and supporting others. We have worked with a variety of groups and individuals of all ages and abilities, having developed ways to be creative with our delivery, championing the value of music and it's positive effects in advancing educational and social development.


Superbee delivers innovative music projects to schools, those struggling with mental health issues, the elderly, young carers, vulnerable women’s groups, and adults and children with disabilities. 

CIC Number 11900414