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Letters to the Queen

an introduction from Shirley


Dainty lady on every committee

She’d fight for the right to be heard

Marched with the Legion and championed the Gurkas

Her cuppa as good as her word


From banquets to policies

State visit niceties

Always expressing her view

A straight talking, hard hitting

Woman who everyone knew!


A stained glass window, in memory of miners

A leather bound book names them all

Reflecting the light in the old St Paulinus

This Ollerton church standing tall


Community unity

Seizing opportunity

Always the right thing to do

This straight talking, fund raising

Woman who everyone knew!

…and she wrote

Letters to the Queen,  

To a prince, a pope

And everyone in between

She’d have time, for those you’d never see

Still she wrote letters to the Queen


Ladies in waiting and temporary equerries

King Hussain’s Brigadier

High Commissioners, Private Secretaries

Replying year after year


Concern for the nation

A congratulation

A wedding to name but a few

This straight talking, peacemaking

Woman who everyone knew!

(Caroline Bonnett/Shirley Novak ©2020)

Letters To The QueenShirley Novak
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